Man Makes a Picture offers the complete package to:

Produce |  Co-produce| Service high end film and television content.

The various partners have amongst them diverse skill sets and experience across multiple facets of film making.

Whether you require research, conceptualising and writing, producing, production management and coordination, office infrastructure, accounting or production and post-production equipment and facilities – MMAP has it all.

Our spacious and convenient office in the Old Castle Breweries makes MMAP an ideally located production platform in the heart of Cape Town’s film hub, to facilitate your production.

As passionate film makers we are open to submissions and enquiries for co-productions, consultation and advice to fellow film makers and aspiring creatives from all over the world.

Whether you require assistance with local budgeting, Department of Trade and Industy (DTI) rebate applications or general production and service knowledge, MMAP will facilitate.